I currently work as an optimization engineer at Saudi Aramco. My current function focuses on product quality monitoring where I’m trying to build ML models to detect off-spec products before they occur. I spent two years in Shaybah Natural Gas Liquids Plant in the empty quarter desert working as a field engineer. Before that, I had brief stint at General Electric where I used to work in warehousing operations.

I am the founder and chair of @PyDataRiyadh and @PyDataJeddah where we aim to advocate for open source tools development and usage in Saudi Arabia. My current focus areas are Arabic NLP and knowledge graphs.

fun facts

  • I’ve built a startup that failed after 4 months of launch.
  • My hobbies are scuba diving, running, and reading technical papers (I’m serious).
  • Drinking a well crafted cup of coffee is a sacred ritual for me.
  • I’m currenlty switching my career from Operations/Optimization Engineering to Machine Learning Research.